Our mission


You don’t have to live with hopelessness, unhappiness, panic, worry, fear, anxiety disorders, feeling under pressure. You didn’t come here to live a life of survival.

You came here to make the most out of life – to live a life you love. A life full of amazing relationships and family, pleasure at work, peace of mind around finances, confidence in all situations, with power and self-expression everywhere.

Our mission is to give you the tools on how to build a life that you love, with power over the negative thoughts that stop you from loving life.

Thanks to our happinesss technology – offline and online programmes – we aim to prevent billions of people from struggling and empower them to live amazing lives.

How we started?

We started as a group of friends who have lived together, run companies together, partied together, run marathons together and laughed together. As a group, we have always focused on one thing, enjoying life whilst taking on challenges we thought were pushing boundaries.

It hasn’t always been easy for us, amongst our team we have dealt with :

  • depression and anxiety
  • the pressures of fitting in
  • social anxiety
  • the stress of starting careers and businesses in a world we know very little about
  • social media anxiety
  • fear of failure (pretty much every day)
  • relationship stress / no relationship stress

Last November we decided to start running events to teach people what we have learnt on our journey. We had come along way from being nervous university students and graduates to the confident, self expressed entrepreneurs we are now, and we decided we wanted to share what we had learnt.

The Snowball Effect

Things have grown fast, our first event had people asking us to come and talk at their company. Our community has grown at a rapid rate, we now have over 10 people working on various projects. We have been invited to talk at Minds@Work, we have started discussions with schools (something we are very excited about) and we are working on technology that will help people build mental resilience and support their mental wellbeing.

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